Ron Tesoriero

tesorieroRon was born in Sydney, Australia. He holds Degrees of Bacheor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws from Sydney University. In 1970 he established a General Law Practice in Gosford on the Central Coast of New South Wales. He is married to Gabrielle and has four children. In 1992 he became interested in examining claimed mystical phenomena in the Catholic Church through the eyes of science and met Dr Ricardo Castanon who had a similar interest. Ron then began filming and making documentaries on the research work of Dr. Castanon. Those documentaries became the inspiration for the prime time television special ‘Signs from God, Science Tests Faith’ that was produced by senior Australian Journalist, Mike Willesee, and broadcast in 1999 worldwide by the Fox Network. Ron is now working with Mike Willesee in the making of another special documentary which follows ‘the trail of the blood of Christ’ through history and through science.’

Mike Willesee

willeseeMike is one of Australia’s most respected television journalists, and famous household name. With a career spanning more than thirty years he gained a reputation as a hard-hitting news reporter. Renowned for his relentless energy he researched , produced, wrote, interviewed and faced audiences on camera. He never backed down. He went after anyone anywhere to get at the truth and was known for being, in the words of Channel 7, ‘a good man to have on your side’. Every night his face was beamed across the nation as the creator, anchor and producer of an investigative program called ‘ A Current Affair’. When he spoke people listened. And more than that, they trusted him. Mike was the co-host of the two hour television special called ‘Signs from God’ broadcast on the Fox Network to over 20 million people. What was shown had never been seen on television before. It was unequivocally remarkable.

Dr. Ricardo Castañon

Dr. Castañon and Ron Tesoriero have worked together on a number of investigations into claims of supernatural experiences. In Ron’s book, Reason to Believe, he describes Dr. Castañon thus: “a fascinating man…dedicated to his work, scrupulously thorough, and courageously open-minded. As a neuropsychophysiologist, …(he is) an expert in relating the physical and chemical activities of the brain to human behavior. In challenging these claims of apparitions and revelations, he sought to use the best (that) science, medicine, and psychiatry had to offer.” The Catholic Church came to know of Dr. Castañon’s work, and has called on him to conduct investigations on its behalf. In the video below, Dr. Castañon discusses his investigation of Catalina’s writings.

Tim Francis

Tim grew up in New Carlisle, Ohio. He resides now in Ft. Worth, Texas, with his wife, PK, and their three children. In his youth, Tim was a “cultural Christian.” His parents were devout Catholics, and Tim was an altar boy, but he was “just going through the motions.” Then came college and it was party time. Marriage and a family brought some spiritual growth into his life. He questioned why he believed what he believed. His mother gave him a tape, “Signs from God – Science Tests Faith.” Tim was deeply moved by it, but set it aside, caught up in his busy life. Upon finding it again later, he read Ron’s book, “Reason to Believe.” Tim testifies that this book, rooted in unassailable science, shook his world. Filled with a conviction to increase devotion to the Eucharist, he founded You Shall Believe Ministries. He is now rousing the faithful to unite in the fight to turn our vice-driven culture back to a virtue-driven culture.