This New Evangelization effort over the past ten years is in response to the call of Pope John Paul II.  Please Help Us…

The NEW Evangelization Plan

It is often said that the problem with Catholics is that they have been poorly catechized. We believe people must first be evangelized before they want to be catechized. Everyone knows you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Our job is to get people to want to drink. Auxiliary Bishop Christopher J. Coyne of Indianapolis, IN, emphasized that the new evangelization must target those former Catholics and Catholics who are not practicing their faith. Our plan is a bold one! It targets not only those who claim, or once claimed to be Catholic, it includes all these other categories:

I. Catholic

  • A. Practicing
  • B. Non practicing
  • C. Former
  • D. Youth

II. Never Catholic


THEIR NEEDS:They need tools to reach their fallen-away family members. They also need a way to bring Catholicism to others without having to be an expert. They would love to evangelize. They just don’t know how to do it.

SOLUTION: Our parish mission: the Science Tests Faith Event will attract and inspire them, and equip them with vital tools for evangelization and catechesis. It will strengthen your own Faith. For a preview, see the www.sciencetestsfaith.com web site and then click play to view the short video clip.


THEIR NEEDS: They need a reason to practice their faith, and they need to be invited back. 80% miss weekend Mass and Holy Days, and do not go to confession, but receive Holy Communion when they go to Mass.

SOLUTION: We offer an innovative, attention-grabbing invitation to an extraordinary event. For a preview, see the www.sciencetestsfaith.com web site and then click play to view the short video clip.

After attending this parish event, results like the following are indicative of the fruits of our mission.

“Attendance at daily Mass more than doubled and continues to thrive. Those coming to Adoration tripled in number…” – Fr. Jim Gigliotti, TOR, Pastor St. Maria Goretti, Arlington, TX

“I wanted to thank you for changing my life. My mom went to day 1 of the 3-day mission… she got me to attend the second day… I was an occasional Mass attendee, mostly holidays. After your talk I made a good confession and now attend Mass DAILY….”– Kenny Wharton Phoenix, AZ

To read additional testimonials, go to the tab on the Home Page called “About” and click on “Testimonials”.


THEIR NEEDS: They need a reason to come back to the Catholic Church.

SOLUTION: As with non-practicing Catholics, we invite them to our stunning presentation. For a preview, see the www.sciencetestsfaith.com web site and then click play to view the short video clip.

Below is another beautiful testimonial demonstrating the impact of our event. It is a story of a faithful Catholic- turned-Protestant-minister who found his way back to the Catholic fold.

“Without hesitation, nor exaggeration, I can say it was this presentation that was the pinnacle of my return to the Catholic Church…Two days after the event, my 10 year old daughter asked if we were going to start going to the Catholic Church. I told her, I think so, but did she understand that…they taught that the bread and wine actually become the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Without hesitation she stated, ‘Well they do, remember, we saw the video.’..In that moment, through the eyes of a child, I was given clarity of purpose and my family and I returned to the Catholic Church.” – Brett Petillo Phoenix, AZ


THEIR NEEDS: The needs of young people are twofold:

  1. The good example of their parents and the parish community. How can we expect the youth to be excited and engaged without these examples to inspire them? They need to see adults who don’t skip Mass, adults who take advantage of the sacrament of Penance. When their role models are on fire for the Faith, that fire will kindle the same fire in the youth.
  2. Young people need a reason to believe that something is true, when the world tells them otherwise. For a preview, see the www.sciencetestsfaith.com web site and then click play to view the short video clip.

SOLUTION: Just as the needs of our youth are twofold, likewise, the solution has two aspects:

  1. First , we engage the parents in the Science Tests Faith event and in the follow-up actions.
  2. Second, there are three factors in the Science Tests Faith program which are effective catalysts in lighting the fire in our youth:
    1. Young people are captivated by the supernatural and the paranormal. We get their attention by attracting their natural curiosity.
    2. One of today’s oft-repeated sayings is, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” The Science Tests Faith program uses videos and pictures of scientifically investigated supernatural occurrences.
    3. “Facts Tell and Stories Sell” is a popular slogan. We present amazing and unforgettable life-changing facts and stories.


Jewish, Muslim, Protestant, agnostic, atheist & all God’s Children.

THEIR NEEDS: They need a reason to become Catholic.

SOLUTION: The three factors listed above attract individuals who have never been Catholic: People are inquisitive about the paranormal; they want to check out hear-say for themselves; they are captivated by a riveting story. We know them in our circle of friends, neighbors, and business associates. By lighting the fire of practicing Catholics, and turning lukewarm into active Catholics, we give them the tools to reach non-Catholics and bring them to Christ. For a preview, see the www.sciencetestsfaith.com web site and then click play to view the short video clip.


  • Increase belief that the Consecrated Bread and Wine are truly the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ and thereby bring dignity and reverence back to the altar.
  • Increase participation at Mass and devotion to the Eucharist during and outside of the Mass.
  • Increase Eucharistic Adoration; strive for Perpetual Adoration.
  • Increase Confession lines.
  • Increase Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary for individuals and Families.
  • Transform the way your children, grandchildren, loved ones and future generations experience the Catholic faith and to strengthen their faith while turning our culture from a vice-driven culture back to a virtue-driven culture through prayer and by sharing these Miracles and Words from Heaven given to us by Jesus and Mary.
  • Watch the interview of Tim Francis as he tells his exciting story of the birth of, “You Shall Believe Ministries”, as recorded under the Tab, “About – In the Media”, on the Home Page. There are several videos under that tab and the one to watch is called, “Science Tests Faith”.


  • Help arrange hundreds of LIVE Parish Science Tests Faith events in the local churches.
  • In smaller parishes, that cannot host a “LIVE” Parish Science Tests Faith Event, schedule a DVD Presentation on a large screen and have event order forms available for handout.
  • Arrange in-home DVD Science Tests Faith event presentations, inviting family, friends, neighbors, local church groups, etc.
  • Form weekly or monthly Prayer Cenacles to meet in someone’s home to pray the Rosary together and read the Words from Heaven messages given to us by Jesus and Mary in the six volumes of “Formational Teachings”.
  • Use the Evangelization Tools and promote the “Simple Action Plan” that has been developed for use after the initial presentation. (See the tab “About” and then click on “Evangelization Tools”)
  • Please share the gifts that Jesus and Mary have given us in the form of the Miracles and Messages. In a special message, Jesus has asked us, “Help Me get My Children Back”.



The event draws crowds of lukewarm Catholics and Mass attendees, as well as the fallen-away Catholics, non-Catholic Christians, agnostics, atheists, and others from nearly every religious background. In fact, up to 70% of the audience at a live Parish Presentation event may be made up of people who are not currently or seriously practicing the Catholic faith.


Organize a small group of individuals that will volunteer and help schedule a smaller parish DVD presentation, “Signs from God – Miracles and Their Meaning”. Have event order forms available and copies of some of the books including the “Reason to Believe” book and the DVD, “Signs from God – Miracles and Their Meaning. We have a short video clip you can e-mail to people when inviting them for the showing of the DVD. Click on this link to watch the clip: www.sciencetestsfaith.com


Invite a small group of friends, neighbors, relatives, fallen away Catholics, etc. to a showing of the new DVD, “Signs from God – Miracles and Their Meaning”. After the in-home DVD presentation, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, perhaps a Prayer Cenacle could be encouraged and formed with some of the group to pray the Rosary and Read a few of the messages weekly or monthly from the “Formational Teachings”. In addition, we have a short video clip you can e-mail to people when inviting them to you home for the showing of the DVD. Click on this link to watch the clip: www.sciencetestsfaith.com


We need your prayers and financial support to carry out the work of evangelization and to help cover the expenses of the “Live Parish Event Presentations” and support the website with its FREE BOOK offer and advertising campaigns that share the scientific evidence of the Truth of the Eucharist and the Words from Heaven given to us by Jesus and Mary for the world. CLICK ON “DONATE NOW” to help with your Tax-Deductible Donation!

Note: these books may be ordered or viewed on line to read free by clicking the tab “BOOKS” on our web site, www.loveandmercy.org  Select “English” and scroll down to the first book, “The Holy Mass”. Just above the price, it says “TO READ OR PRINT BOOK – CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINKS:  Regular Print or Large Print.  Click on the Regular Print and that should do it for most of the books. If you order books, they are only in regular size print.


Our mission is to make you aware of miracles that are extraordinary, perceptible to the senses, and produced by God in a religious context that you might “believe” and become stronger in your faith and on fire. Moreover, you will grow more intimate with Our Lord, Our Lady…Our Holy Mother Church. 


As part of the Game Plan, we have designed a Simple Action Plan and program to follow the initial DVD presentation, carrying forward the excitement and enthusiasm generated at the event, allowing for ongoing evangelization and catechesis. For more details about the plan, go under the tab “About” and “Evangelization Tools”.

So, we’re asking you again—
Help us wake up 30 million former Catholics and another 40 million non-practicing Catholics!
From Maine to California, from Minnesota to Texas, the Feedback Forms from previous live events tell us people are fired up after the event, and that they want to…

* learn more about their Faith!
* tell others about the scientific evidence and facts they experienced!
* help change the culture from a vice-driven culture back to a virtue-driven culture!
* help get their children back to the Catholic Church and strengthen their faith!

1. Utilize the power of numbers: Start your day, every day in prayer, asking the Blessed Virgin Mary and Her Son to accept all your prayers, works, joys, and sufferings of that day for the fulfillment of His Will. Consecrate yourself and family daily to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Imagine the power of your prayer multiplied by 1,000, or 10,000 people to help fight and turn our culture from a voice-driven culture back to a virtue-driven culture.

2. Please pray for the success of our New Evangelization Plan and if you are able, please make a Tax-Deductible Donation to support the work of our ministry and help us share our free book campaign and the messages and miracles with the world. We cannot do this alone, we need your participation!  Please click on “Donate Now” and help us share these fantastic gifts from Jesus and Mary…


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