Words from Heaven, Teachings from Jesus and Mary


Catalina (also referred to as Katya) is filmed writing under dictation from Jesus.



“…every message, every word, every phrase is designed with great love, with the sole aim of helping you on your way… Many of My children do not believe in anything. They turn a deaf ear to the knowledge I wish to impart to them; they place restrictions on the revelations, prophesies and visions of My chosen ones and thus, My prophets, saints, visionaries and martyrs of today pass straight through their lives.” (Jesus to Catalina)

“Everything, the Heavens and the Earth and all that inhabit them are Mine. Only the love of MY creatures is not Mine. And that is what I search for.” (Jesus to Catalina)


The following is quoted from the Formational Teaching books below:

“There has never been anyone who has placed his faith in Me and has been abandoned. He who prays to Me with faith, obtains all he has asked for, when the graces are spiritual and useful to the soul, be sure that you will receive them. That is why I have taught you that when you ask for a grace, you should call Me Father, so you will turn to Me with the same faith with which a son turns to his father who loves him.

“If you heed the promise I have made you, of listening to he who prays, who can doubt that I will break My promise? I am not like men who promise and do not “keep their promise, either because they are lying when they make a promise, or change their minds after they have made their promise. I am Truth; I cannot change, because I am justice, rectitude, and know the consequences of what I do. How can I fail to keep My promises to you?

“Therefore, let your prayer be the key to opening the coffer of My Heart that is not locked up as you may think, but is instead wide open to all of you. Pray generously, always, and at all times, according to what your duties allow. Let it be a happy occasion as you are united to me. Do not make me listen to the sound of numerous words which resemble the noise of broken plates ready to be thrown away. Instead, your prayer should be like the jingling of fine glasses that I myself would like to fill with divine nectar. As immortal King of the centuries and Supreme Lord of everything that exists, My power is made available for mankind’s disposal; it is enough only to ask for it lovingly.” (Jesus to Catalina)

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Set I – Three Books


“Springs of Mercy” has had a very special reception. Many testimonies have been from people saying they had found a true spring of grace upon reading the book and find peace.

The title of this book was given by the Blessed Mother as She said, “Little children of Mine, I will continue to fill you with abundant graces. Let nothing disturb you. I love you deeply…a great deal more than you can imagine… Be silent; offer all suffering to Jesus for the sake of love and gratitude… Hurry with the book which shall be called ‘Springs of Mercy’.” (The Blessed Mother to Catalina)

The book, “The Ark of the New Covenant” is fresh, filled with love, a true song of mercy. The messages have been received by a great number of people that felt motivated to apply them in their daily lives. Jesus tells us, “My Tabernacle is the Calvary where every day and every second of the day I renew My Sacrifice of the Cross, a unique sacrifice intended for the salvation of souls. Think… you have so much and they have nothing… You have faith and with faith you have the light of life, comfort in the time of suffering, hope in eternal happiness… You have, above all, the Eucharist, where I give Myself totally to you and make Myself your food and your drink. I transform you into Me, like fire with iron, giving you proof that one day you will participate in My joy and greatness on a throne of glory like Mine. Through the Eucharist I am your sacrifice; I am your Bread of eternal life; I am your companion in this valley of tears. You have Me and with Me you have everything.” (Jesus to Catalina)

The third book in Set One, “The Great Crusade of Love” concerns revelations of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary to a laborer of God. It is a school of teaching on the relationship of Jesus with man.

“The hour has come for My spirit to go to the four corners of the world, and I will call all men to Me. This Pentecost is so important! It is also time for  “The Great Crusade of Love” to be known by all…

“To live in perfect poverty in a world crazed with pleasures and luxury, is the passion of the Cross, and the passion of the Cross is always present. To follow Christ and Christ crucified is for all eternity…

“The time has come for the deluge of My graces to flow, more impetuous than the rush of the greatest waterfalls, from My Heart over all souls. I can no longer delay the giving because men are hungry for love and forgiveness.” (Jesus to Catalina)

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Set II – Three Books


“The Door to Heaven” is a teaching for man about his weaknesses, limits and reach. The Door to Heaven is the Heart of Jesus and he asks us to “consecrate ourselves to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.” This spiritual school instructs us that in order to pass through the Door and enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we must live in Grace, since this is the way God works in each man and helps him to mold his identity.

“The time is coming when the Son of Man will have to give you a warning about the bitterness of the punishment where each person will witness his own judgement… Now you have almost at your doors the punishment imposed by My Father’s justice. This cannot be escaped but do be aware that it can be mitigated through prayer and devotion to My Heart.” (Jesus to Catalina)

In “The Great Crusade of Mercy,” Jesus presents Himself as He desires to be known and what He expects from us. The writings are the very voice of God who speaks with a Father’s heart to all human beings of good will, who filled with enthusiasm for the Gospel, gaze with hope into the future. We will find nothing new in any of them with regard to the Eternal word of the Gospel. The words of Jesus repeat once again the demand for love, faith, the keeping of the Commandments, and peace and unity among human beings.

“My child… My being in the Consecrated Host is the greatest act of Mercy of My Sacred Heart. Is it not Mercy, sending My Mother to you to awaken you from your lethargy and to turn you back to Me? Is it not Mercy, revealing My Mysteries to you and minutely examining the Sacred Scriptures with you in these volumes of the Great Crusade? Is it not Mercy, that even today given the evil of mankind, I reveal My love to you? Ever act of Mine is a cry of Mercy. Make good use of it, oh deaf and blind mankind who hurt Me so much!” (Jesus to Catalina)

The third book in Set Two, “The Great Crusade of Salvation,” Jesus reminds us that He is the only and true path for salvation. In this book is a new contribution being offered to us for the meditation and reflection about our spiritual lives. The contents that we ponder in these pages reflect a continuation of the teachings of the previous books. However, the scope and seriousness of all of this are launched to the world with greater intensity and concern for salvation. it reiterates the need for prayer, for penitence, for Sacraments, for fidelity to the Gospel and the Church, our mother. We believe that this book is a bright light placed before humanity so that it may be illuminated and attracted by Christ.

Books are available in English and Spanish.

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